Paris 2007

Workshop "Transdisciplinary Views on Consciousness and the Unconscious"

Palais du Luxembourg, Paris, December 10, 2007

© Basarab Nicolescu/CIRET - Palais du Luxembourg, Paris.

© Basarab Nicolescu/CIRET - The talk of Franck Chaumon:
Lacan and the freudian unconscious : continuity and breakdown.

© Basarab Nicolescu/CIRET - Basarab Nicolescu gives the floor to Jean-Louis Revardel for his talk
Complex thought and understanding of the affective universe.

© Basarab Nicolescu/CIRET - Basarab Nicolescu in admiration of an image projected by Jean-Louis Revardel.
© Basarab Nicolescu/CIRET - Talk of Jean-Yves Leloup:
Who is "I am?" - Atempt of a rigorous and uncertain topography
© Basarab Nicolescu/CIRET - From left to right:
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