Venice 1986

International Symposium "Science at the Boundaries of Knowledge :The Prologue of our Cultural Past"

UNESCO and Cini Foundation Venice, 3-7 March 1986

© Michel Random - The participants at the Venice Symposium (who signed the Venice Declaration). First row (from left to right) : Henry P. Stapp, Basarab Nicolescu, Gilbert Durand, Jean Dausset (Nobel Prize for Physiology and of Medicine), Nicolo Dallaporta, Santiago Genoves, Susantha Goonatilake. Second raw (from left to right) : Yujiro Nakamura (3rd), Rupert Sheldrake (8th), Ubiratan d'Ambrosio (10th), Avishai Margalit (12th).

© Michel Random - The opening of the Symposium :
the working document presented by Basarab Nicolescu. At his left : Eiji Hattori (UNESCO)

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